Bali Love Escape!

A Luxurious and Enchanting couples retreat experience for Transformation and Wellness

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in a world of tranquility, luxury, and spirituality on our Couple Wellness Retreat in enchanting Bali.

Picture this: waking up in your lavish villa, surrounded by the serene sounds of nature. The gentle breeze caresses your skin as you gaze out over lush rice fields and the azure blue sea in the distance. This is your sanctuary, where every breath is a blessing and every touch a rejuvenating experience.

Throughout your stay, you’ll be immersed in the healing powers of Bali’s ancient traditions. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing as you participate in invigorating sunrise yoga classes led by your experienced teacher who embody the essence of Balinese spirituality.

Indulge in intimate and soothing spa treatments that nourish your soul and rejuvenate your body. Let go of the stresses of daily life as skilled therapists combine ancient Balinese techniques with modern wellness methods to bring you into balance and vitality.

During your stay, you’ll also have the opportunity to explore the enchanting beauty of Bali, from majestic temples to hidden waterfalls deep in the lush jungle. Be inspired by the rich culture and traditions of this magical island as you create memories with your loved one that will last a lifetime.

Immerse yourself in luxury, beauty, and spirituality on our Couple Wellness Retreat in Bali – an experience that not only refreshes your body but also illuminates your soul. Book today and prepare for a life-changing journey to inner harmony and connection.

Yes, This Is the EXPERIENCE WE Have Been Looking For!

BOOK NOW or PAY €500 deposit to get this Transformational Offer!

Transformative couples yoga retreat Bali Enchanting couples retreat experience

Amidst the chaos of your busy lives as a couple , yearning for a moment to reconnect and rediscover the magic of your relationship. Close your eyes and imagine yourself with your partner escaping to the Amori Villa in Bali , one of the world’s most naturally beautiful , unspoiled places, a sanctuary of tranquility and romance nestled amidst the island’s lush landscapes . Nestled beside one of the island’s sacred rivers and surrounded by rice terraces, the Amori Villa offers an exclusive retreat experience tailored for busy couples like you .

Imagine embarking on a journey of life-changing healing and rejuvenation with a transformational breathing session coming home as a new you and stronger powercouple, leaving troubles & personal trauma’s behind.  Imagine the both of you in a Wim Hof ice bath,  just a few steps away from your exclusive bungalow, designed to awaken your senses and refresh your spirits. Picture yourselves bonding on a deeper level through daily partner yoga sessions , followed by exhilarating ecstatic dance and invigorating duo workouts to ignite your passion and strengthen your connection. Let’s dance together with the other couples from our hearts, laughter and making so much fun. 

Free ourselves with dance and movement.  

Envision indulging and Enchanting couples retreat experience in intimate couple massages, followed by romantic candle-light dinner under the stars, setting the stage for heartfelt conversations and shared laughter. Feel the energy of tantric exercises and the excitement of exploring Bali’s cultural treasures on exclusive excursions to ancient temples, serene rice fields, and enchanting nature walks.

Immerse yourselves in the thrill of swinging high above the treetops on the Bali Swing, and savor the exotic flavors of Luwak coffee during a traditional Balinese coffee tasting. Experience the magic of a mesmerizing fire ceremony and dance the night away to the rhythms of Bali during a traditional Balinese dance performance.

If this defines the experience you’ve been longing for, if you’re ready to build a stronger bond and create unforgettable memories with your partner, then don’t hesitate to register for our exclusive retreat at the Amori Villa in Bali. It’s time to prioritize your relationship and invest in moments that will last a life-time.

BOOK NOW or PAY €500 deposit to get this Transformational Offer!


Life-changing couples wellness retreat Bali. Enchanting couples retreat experience
spiritualbaliretreat. Enchanting couples retreat experience



Hello!, I am Carla and i  eagerly anticipate welcoming you to this Enchanting couples retreat experience journey of life! As a devoted and experienced Health Coach, organizing and leading retreats is both my passion and privilege. My love for exploration, travel, and delving into the depths of both my inner and outer worlds knows no bounds. 

Bali holds a special place in my heart, resonating deeply with its beauty, spirituality, and the warmth of its people. It’s a magical sanctuary where I find solace and inspiration, and I feel immensely grateful to be able to offer this retreat in such a sacred location.

My dedication to yoga, pilates, fitness & meditation stems from its ability to carve out space for profound self-reflection and to quiet the mind, allowing the whispers of the heart to be heard. Through my own journey and complementary practices,  I’ve experienced transformative shifts that have enriched my life immeasurably. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share these empowering practices with you!

On this retreat you can expect plenty of time for adventure, rest, bonding, laughter and community, nourishing food, and themed healing classes that build each day, weaving in plenty of moments to breathe deeply, connect with yourself, and contemplate your dreams. Expect to feel shifts in your mind and heart, expansion, and the joy that comes from community and travel.

In my blogs you can read about my own experiences in Bali & life. I hope to stimulate you to give yourself this present you will never forget. I would be honered to be your host and making memories for life together. 


coupleyogaretreat. Enchanting couples retreat experience














Experience the tantalizing flavors of Bali! From aromatic spices to fresh seafood and tropical fruits, Bali’s cuisine is a feast for the senses

Holistic healing couples escape Bali. Enchanting couples retreat experience

Immerse yourselves in romance with a breathtaking infinity pool experience, share intimate moments while overlooking stunning vistas. Let the world fade away as you relax, rejuvenate, and create timeless memories together.”

Surrender to the soothing touch of skilled therapists Share this blissful experience with your loved one as tensions melt away, leaving you both refreshed, rejuvenated, and deeply connected

A visit to Bali’s rice fields promises moments of tranquility and breathtaking beauty, perfect for creating cherished memories together.

Enchanting couples retreat experience

The Bali swing offers a thrilling adventure and breathtaking views, creating unforgettable moments for you and your partner to treasure forever

Enchanting couples retreat experience

Enjoy precious moments of tranquility and connection with your partner in this lavish sanctuary, where every detail is crafted for your ultimate comfort and romance


The price for this life-changing journey is €3200 per person. 
Early birds who book in April & May get 10% discount

Explore a holistic wellness journey;
Meditation, Duo fitness workouts, Tantra, Wim Hof ice baths, Pilates and Healingsessions.

Elevate your mind, body, and spirit as you embark on a transformative experience tailored to enhance your overall well-being. Join our couples retreat today with a 10% discount!


  • A 7-night/ 8-day retreat at Amori Villas, with exclusive use of the property, staff and its facilities. Amori is located on the picturesque and sacred Petanu River valley, just 10 minutes from Ubud.
  • Luxury accommodation with butler service. Amazing yoga shala. Infinity pool.
  • Airport/ hotel transfers
  • Welcome drink, snack and refreshing towel upon arrival
  • One 1-hour couple massage per person, for relaxation or stress relief
  • Opening and closing ceremonies
  • Guided village walk including the local temple and sacred spring water area (Pura Beji), rice fields and inside a family compound.
  • Balinese Fire Ceremony
  • Transport into Ubud village for cultural, retail and foodie experiences
  • Daily afternoon tea with banana bread and coffee or fresh ginger mint tea
  • Unlimited fresh coconut drinks
  • Mandala with fresh flowers
  • Daily breakfasts or brunches, 3 lunches and 4 dinners at Amori, including
  • One romantic, private couple’s dinner
  • Celebration Dinner on the last night, with live Balinese musicians and dancing
  • Daily Sessions & Workshops: partner yoga, pilates, duo work-outs, guided meditation, tantra excersises, Wim Hof Ice-Bad, ecstatic dance, breathing session, sound healing session
  • Excursions to Tirtra Empul Temple, Rice Fields, Bali Swing, Luwak Coffee

Not included: 

  • Your return flight
  • Personal Expenses
  • Optional Excursions
  • Travel Insurance
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